Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sauce (the Restaurant, Not the Topping)

This is not a mixed review of Sauce. It is a past and present review.

Until recently, we hadn't been to Sauce in years. We figure the last time we were there was about 2005. We went with a large birthday party, and when we remember it now, 2 things stick out in our minds. The first is that it was crazy dark, as in "I can't tell what I am eating" dark. The second is that it was incredibly loud, as in cannot-hold-a-conversation-with-people-at-your-table loud. I also remember the food being unremarkable and overpriced.

Fast-forward to the days of Groupon. Months ago, there was a deal: $20 for lunch, $30 for dinner. We took Charlie for lunch four or so months ago, and we were both surprised that it was good. More than good. The Groupon was awesome. Any two lunch entrees. Matt had two pieces of fish and chips (and so did Charlie). I had the tuna steak sandwich. It was FANTASTIC.

So, tonight, Matt and I went on a date to use our other Groupon that expires in 6 days. We dropped Charlie off at Grandma and Grandpa's, and headed for an early dinner so we could check out a movie after.

We arrived at Sauce around 5:30-45ish. Although we did get a window seat, I am pretty sure we are the last couple who got one with a reservation. The waitress was very friendly, and the entire restaurant seemed to have an appropriate number of staff on (3 waitresses, a busboy, 2 "manager" types, and a bartender on the floor).

The Groupon was an awesome deal. $30 for any appie and any 2 entrees. We started with the Artisan Plate. We were torn by this and the calamari, but to take advantage of the deal, we decided to go with the most expensive. It was very good with a variety of treats: marinated mushrooms, olives, smoked provolone, brie, chorizo, prosciutto, apples, strawberries, crustini, a baked garlic bulb, and red onion relish. Sorry about the lame picture. We had, as usual, eaten the majority before I remembered to take a picture.

For our entrees, we again took advantage of our Groupon. Matt ordered the most expensive steak on the menu: a 12 ounce NY strip-loin. I know nothing about cuts of meat, but to me, it seemed like there was a lot of fat and gristle. From my sample, I agree that it tasted nice, but I wouldn't order it again. Almost $30 for a steak that is 1/3 inedible? No thanks. It was also a bit over done, but I later heard the waitress explaining something about the steaks, and she seemed to be saying that the steaks are usually more well done than ordered.

I ordered the beef ribs. I had no idea what this was going to be, but it was tasty. Very tender beef, but with a huge chunk of fat (which is expected in ribs). The best part, though, was the onion ring.

The potato today was a mashed-something-complicated-yummy stuff. We both ate all that. Matt ate most the veggies from both our plates though. They were sauteed in too much sauce for too long for me.

Sauce has improved since our university days. The food and service both were better than average. After visiting both with the baby and without, I would vote that this is more of the "without" kind of place.

We probably will go back, but the Groupon made these two visits especially worthwhile..

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