Friday, April 6, 2012

Costco Souvlaki Pork and Qoola

Cost: $7 (for 4 meals)

Prep: 15 minutes

My friend is staying with us for the next few days, so I have been a bit distracted with my cooking and much more focused with my visiting.

We pulled some souvlaki pork (maybe tenderloin?) from the freezer and made a very basic dinner. We use this pork to make actual souvlaki sometimes, but I always freeze these chops in pairs so we can have them other ways. I just cooked these in the oven, and the rub that is on them needs no improvement.

For side dishes, we had steamed broccoli and (Sidekick's) scalloped potatoes, which I have discovered that I don't like.

Honestly, it was a lame meal, but the focus was on the company anyways, and on the Qoola we got for dessert.

I love Qoola. I sampled the peanut butter and mint, but I don't think I could do an entire cup of either. I settled on a trifecta of blood orange, mango sorbet, and mixed berry sorbet. The mixed berry was my favorite, but all were good. For toppings, I had yoghurt chips, coconut, mango sauce, kiwi, strawberry, one chocolate mint square, 1 piece of brownie, LOTS of mochi, and all three types of those little juice balls--man those are good! I almost always have the same toppings and am never disappointed with the freshness and quality.

I also love how the same workers are there, and I am pretty sure the one boy is the son of the owner. Even thinking this, and sometimes seeing the owner, makes me want to be there. It makes me feel like they care about their business and, therefore, their customers.

My only problem is that I have trouble controlling myself and end up spending more than I want, hence my $7 sundae.

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