Saturday, April 28, 2012


We have been getting take out from Fujiya since we were in university. When Charlie was tiny and always sleeping in the car, one of us would often run in and grab some so we could eat in the parking lot.

On Friday, we took Charlie to visit his newest little friend, 8 day old Sebastien.

On route, we stopped and bought him a California Roll as we knew we would be visiting over the meal time. We did offer to bring for our friends, the new parents, but they had plans for eating, so Matt and I each grabbed a roll and goyza for later.

I think Fujiya has really gone downhill. They have raised their prices for sure. I had a Fujiya Roll, which I love because I hate avocados and it has lettuce instead (with shrimp and crab). Yesterday though, it was SO mayonaisey. I looked through all of the rolls, and I picked the one that appeared to have the least, but it was still too much. Oh well.

We are in no way done with Fujiya. It still has a few more chances with us, but when we get 3 rolls, all very simple, and 10 pieces of goyza for almost $25, I wonder why we aren't just going out for fresher sushi.
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