Friday, April 6, 2012

Beacon Drive-In

The weather in Victoria has turned GLORIOUS!

So what do Victorians, specifically ones with out of town guests, go do? Why they go have a day at Beacon Hill Park and finish with trip to the Drive-In for ice cream.

I have been going to the Drive-In my entire life, as I am sure Charlie will as well. One of my usual outings with my Grandpa Vern was to go walk the Break Water and then grab a cone.

But one thing is for certain: my hands are not getting bigger, so the cones are surely getting smaller. I remember as few as five years ago the large was still a tower of ice cream. We stuck with regular today, but I noticed no difference better that and the small. At least they haven't raised the prices while doing this.

I love the ice cream. It is so creamy and thick. I can really tell the difference between this and the "ice milk" stuff because the Beacon's doesn't melt nearly as fast.

Anyway, we will be back, but I really wish they would go back to the large portions that made them famous.

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