Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mom's Potluck

Any night I don't need to cook is a good night!

My mom had another potluck on Saturday night. This time, there were just under twenty people including many children.

The purpose was for the children to decorate Easter eggs. Surprisingly, all the 13-15 year olds were into it! My 15 year old brother helped his little nephew colour his first egg. It was adorable. Then, he drew a happy face on Charlie's naked belly and Charlie spent the rest of time colouring on himself.

Tina brought sausage and crackers, which my mom paired with cheese as the appie. Matt and I brought two garlic breads. We realize these are the lazy persons contributions, but we stopped at the store to buy our things when we were already 45 minutes late.

Other dishes included meatballs, Caesar salad, green salad, tortellini salad (my fav--tomatoes, artichoke hearts, feta and black olives), curried shrimp with rice, prawns, and black bean hummus. I was too hungry and overwhelmed to remember to take pictures, so even with my companion here trying to help me remember, there very well may have been more.

There were many dessert as well. Remember the delicious soda bread at St. Pat's Day? Well, Sophie made desserts this time. She did lemon bars, cupcakes, and helped with chocolate dipped strawberries. For a 13 year old, she is a really great cook! My mom also made a cake, sprinkle variety, that was a hit!

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