Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blueberry French Toast!

Cost: $3

Prep: 20 minutes

Did you guess correctly?

Since it was a lazy Saturday morning followed by a very busy Saturday, I wanted to make something special for breakfast. French toast is Matt's favorite, so this was his vote. I like French toast because you get a serving of protein in as well.

So, I made a pile of toast: 8 pieces which used 4 eggs. If anyone doesn't know how to make French Toast, you must come over, and I will cook it FOR you, and then you will know how.

To make this even more special/delicious, I made us syrup as well. In a pan, I melted a bit of butter then added about 1/3 of a bag of blueberries. I don't particularly like these blueberries. The brand is Europe's Best, and they are "wild blueberries" which seems to just mean super small. Because they are so small, I find that they are not very good for adding to a lot of things, like pancakes for example. I was glad to use them up.

I simmered the blueberries in the butter then added a crap load of brown sugar (as Matt later told me, it was "Golden" sugar, not brown) and some cinnamon. I then simmered until it was thick like syrup.

The sauce was very special, but I found the flavor overpowered the toast. Matt and Charlie really liked it, especially Charlie who mostly picked out he blueberries.

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