Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pilsbury Pizza Fail and Success

Cost: $10

Prep: over an hour

I am writing this very late tonight. I have a boy who stayed up long after his bedtime. I also feel a little sick.

Dinner sucked.

Dinner failed.

Dinner was started at 5:15.

Dinner was served at 6:35.

Dinner was raw.

Now, before I relay this saga, I will admit that I did redeem dinner, but I am never happy when I estentially need to make two dinners for one night.

We decided to try a product we have never tried before: Pilsbury Pizza Crust. It was 35% off of around $3.69 at the grocery store. We really like making our own pizza, as I am not a big fan of cheese and like a lot of toppings, which is the opposite of what you get when you order pizza. We used to get pre-made crust from Thrifty's, but 90% of the time when we went to use them, they would have fuzzy gray mould on them, so we had to stop. It was a downer, because those where a good price and yummy, but too many dinners were ruined.

So, we decide to try this product. The problems start right away. The directions say to stretch it to desired shape and thickness. This proves very difficult and the thing will not go to the size or shape we want it to. We try tossing, folding, pulling, nada.

Whatever. We keep going with our much smaller than expected crust. We get to the stage where we are baking it. The directions are 6-11 minutes baking at this point (already baked for 8). I take it out after 11 minutes, serve it up with the little salad I made, sit down, take a bite, and spit out a mouth full of raw dough. Gross.

So, collect it all up, put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes, take it out, still raw. Back in goes the pizza for another 10 minutes, take it out, raw. Matt eats some, Charlie eats a bit, but it is just too gross for me. I move on to an alternative. Some parts are cooked, like the outside of the crust, but the middle is a mess.

Before I move on, I must say that I am really disappointed that pizza didn't work out. We didn't have the crust very thick, but it was rubbery and chewy. Maybe it wasn't raw--how could it be after all that cooking--but it sure felt that way.

One of the many things I am making for the baby shower on Saturday is pigs in a blanket, so I also bought Pilsbury Wiener Wrap.

I used a package of this tonight, stuffing the wrap with a bit of the pizza veggies (onion, red and green peppers), a bit of pepperoni, and a pinch of cheese.

These were a lot more difficult to wrap than if I had simply been making Special Hot Dogs, but, in the end, these tasted good and were probably healthier.

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