Saturday, March 24, 2012

Japanese Village

Spring BREAK!

Well, it is over. But, we went out for a nice lunch to celebrate. Some of our favorite places are no longer acceptable with a baby, but we have taken Charlie to Japanese Village before, pre-eating, and thought we would try it again and see if he likes it now.

I wasn't sure if they would enforce the $5 minimum per person on Charlie, and they didn't. I think it is because they still sat 8 people at the table with Charlie taking up the extra seat off to the side. The one strange thing was that when we tried to order a bowl of rice for the baby, we were told we would have to pay for it (which would have been fine) but if we ordered it for us, it would be included. Those are semantics. So then I say, "Okay, then I will have another bowl of rice" but the waitress knows it isn't for me, and what is the point of all that? Anyway, I digress.

Matt ordered his usual: Chicken and Shrimp. I ordered my usual: Beef and Shrimp. I have no idea who orders the chicken. Our table was 7 beef and shrimp, 1 chicken and shrimp. Way to break the mold, Matt. 

We both started with salad, and, no lie, Matt drinks the dressing it is so yummy. We always assume that anyway who orders the soup is a JapaVil noob. 

I just love Japanese Village, and I especially love steak sauce. Because we go so infrequently, maybe three times a year at most, I feel I can eat as much as I want. Matt and I both had our first bowl of rice with two scoops of sauce. Horrible (for you) but delicious (in my belly). I felt guilty feeding my very saucy rice to Chuck though, as I just know it is brimming with salt, but he loved it too, and it was only once.

I also love the way Japanese Village does the steak, so tender. And the shrimp. And the veggies. But even with sharing a bunch with Charlie, we didn't even touch my bean sprouts. When I do eat them, I like to dip them in the delicious ginger sauce. Oh, ginger sauce; you too are delicious, but a second to steak sauce.

My one complaint about Japanese Village is that the staff is not always up to the same calibre. We had a very boring, unengaging cook. We have had cooks who are down-right rude; one even told us it is rude to put sauce on rice, as you only put sauce on cheap, crappy rice. We have had cooks who are awesome and make the experience so much better; I'm specifically thinking of the tall guy who sometimes works at the front now. The same goes for the waitresses. This time we had the small, grumpy, older woman, and I just hate when we get her; she is such a downer. She isn't rude, or bad at her job for that matter, but she seems like she hates us.

All in all, Japanese Village is delicious and acceptable for children. However, an interesting note, they do not seem to offer a kid's menu, so when Charlie needs his own, we will have to order a full size meal for him.

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  1. I was at Japanese Village with my kids just a few weeks ago. They do offer a kids menu, which is still quite a big portion for about half the price of the regular menu. My kids barely ate half of it, but the leftovers were good. The entertainment for the kids is great!

  2. Really? That's awesome! I guess we will just have to ask for it next time!