Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Mom Rules the Kitchen

Sunday dinner at my parents again! Yay and yum!

I will never be able to cook as well as my mom. She is a fantastic cook. I cannot speak highly enough of her or her cooking.

Tonight's dinner was roast beef with all the fixings. The roast was done perfectly medium rare.

The Yorkshire puddings were so puffy and delicious.

The gravy was thick and rich, as was the cheese sauce for the carrots and broccoli.

Honestly, I ate a delicious meal, but I didn't try to make it as healthy as possible. There were other choices for vegetables, spaghetti squash and frozen green beans, but I chose to have a white dinner roll from Safeway (BEST every day bakery) that our friend Claudette brought.

Charlie ate a much healthier meal, since he had a little of everything and didn't smother his veggies in cheese sauce. He did, however, also have a large serving of dessert.

For dessert, my mom made an apple crisp. It was fantastic. I love my mom's apple crisp; her crumbly topping is like no other, absolute perfection.

I wish I had appreciated my mom's cooking my entire life as much as I do now. My brother is in the phase where he TOTALLY does not relish in it, but I'm sure some day he will also look at all her hard work and talent fondly.

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