Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Done, so it's Pizza Night

Cost: $22 (with tip)

Prep: 3 minutes (on the phone)

I'm done. And I have been lying to you, my faithful three. Matt and I haven't just been on different schedules this week; we have been in different countries. I didn't want to say Matt was away in case one of you got it in your head to come kill me or steal my baby. But, now we are no longer defenseless, as Daddy is back protecting us, so I can come clean. Ah, that feels so much better.

So, I'm done with being a single mom. Dinners were difficult (often) and boring (always). I have to admit that since Charlie is such a slow eater, there were even a couple of times when I played on my phone while he finished. And, one day, I let Charlie watch a movie while he ate. It was Marley and Me: The Puppy Years, not a cinematic masterpiece.

Last night was the last dinner we were alone for, and I just could not cook another night for myself and a boy who doesn't eat. So I ordered a pizza.

I was going to get Villages, but we had an awful experience there the last time we ordered. Basically, they did not have our pizza ready when Matt went to pick it up, then waited 45 in the store, left for a couple minutes, came back and was told they couldn't make the pizza we had ordered AFTER he had been waiting in store an hour and 30 minutes at home. It took us 2 hours to get our stupid flatbread pizzas. With a hungry baby at home on a schedule, this isn't okay. We asked the be contacted by the manager and never were (despite what the manager wrote on Urbanspoon), so we don't get our pizza from there.

Villages Pizza (Gorge - Tillicum) on Urbanspoon

I didn't want to load Charlie into the car, then go get the pizza, then put him back in the car and drive home. Too much work when most places deliver for free. Or, at least I thought they delivered for free. I guess I should have asked. I ordered from Panago (the Esquimalt branch is where it came from, but it went through a call centre so I really had no say). There was a $2.50 charge for delivery. I ordered one medium pizza at $14.50. The cost was $19.04! I wasn't about to stiff the kid--who was literally a kid, maybe 19--on his tip, but I wasn't sure if the $2.50 was going to him. Anyway, I tipped him $3 still, just to be fair.

It seems stupid for me that they charge for delivery when there is so much competition. If I had known I would get this charge, I wouldn't have ordered from there (although, the charge is better than loading up the baby). I guess I need to find a different pizza place. I also woke up in the middle of the night feeling disgusting. Not sure if it was the pizza or not, but something didn't agree with me.

Anyway, the pizza was decent. My biggest complaint was that the ham was in huge pieces that would pull off whenever I bit into it. I do really enjoy the chipotle cilantro dip, and the black olives were generous (although the peppers and onions were not).

All in all, I will not be ordering from Panago again.

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