Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekend Treat: Wannawafel

On our excursion to Chinatown to buy vegetables, we stopped in at Wannawafel to use a Groupon we had purchased a while ago.

The Groupon was for a waffle with whipped cream and berry compote, as well as a drink. Great value for around $7 (approximately, I can't actually remember), as the menu price for this would be much higher.

I made a healthy eating mistake and had a sugary drink (230 calorie cranberry cocktail). I also should have ordered my whipped cream on the side, as it was too much for me. But all in all, it was a tasty treat and is not something we are having all the time.

My only complaint about Wannawafle is that it is not very child-friendly. Matt had to hold Charlie on his lap and eat like that, which was more difficult than it sounds as the stools are high. However, there are new covered tables outside, but it was pouring and cold for this visit. Charlie, regardless, was a fan!

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