Sunday, February 26, 2012

Girls' Night

Girls' Night

I joined a ladies' restaurant club with a few of my girlfriends. Last night was the first time I had the opportunity to join them.

We went to Bin 4 Burger Lounge. Wow. Am I glad we had a reservation. It was 6:30, and there was an hour wait for couples, and an hour and a half plus for more...and we were a 6, so we probably would have been elsewhere if it wasn't for forward thinking. Frankly, I am surprised they take reservations at all since they are so busy.

The decor and ambiance are whatever. Nothing special. We were tucked in the far corner, and it was way too warm in there. BUT, the service was faultless, especially in such a busy environment, and they did not try to rush us, despite the huge line.

We all partook in the Dine Around menu. (I'm sorry; there are no pictures, as it was just too dark for my little camera phone.) Five of us had the pork and chorizo lettuce wraps. We all seemed to agree that these were tasty, especially the butter lettuce. I didn't particularly care for the sauce (hoisin?) because it was too sweet and thick as a pairing, and I would have preferred something more vinegar based. One of our party had the bruschetta, which looked fresh and satisfyingly large.

For the main, three of us ordered the Sweet Corn Chicken Burger. It was lovely. The goat cheese was a really great pairing with the chicken, very delicate and creamy in flavor and texture. The cilantro was what got me though. I will remember this for next time we do at home burgers or chicken sandwiches.

Two ladies ordered the mushroom and beef burger. They spoke highly of the beef patty, although some "order envy" was expressed over the chicken burger, as it was felt that the beef was very close to something that can be made at home.

The last member of our party had the chick pea burger. She said it was great, with a fantastic blend of flavors.

Most of us had fries as our side, and these too, were very good. Anyone on Urbanspoon who didn't like their fries should try again. I had the basil aioli, and that was beautiful. My only complaint about the fries is that I clearly had the dregs of the basket. I didn't have ANY that were longer than an inch, and I had a lot of other/non-potato deep fried matter mixed in with mine. I didn't really mind, but I think it is worth mentioning, as I know this would really bother a picky person (ex. my brother).

The desserts were very good. We somehow divided 2 by 2 by 2. The lemon tart, I was told, was full of flavor and rich. It definitely did not look like Sherriff lemon filling! The creme brule looked creamy, and despite it being a very small portion, one member could not manage to finish it. I had the chocolate torte. It was very nice, rich, and full of flavor. The only downside were the nuts it was served with were so hard I feared breaking a tooth--so I ate carefully, but of course still ate it.

We all agreed that Bin 4 was well worth the trip. We had a great time.

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