Saturday, July 7, 2012

Japanese Village

On July 2nd, to celebrate my mom's birthday, we took her out to one of her favorite lunch spots, Japanese Village.

My mom has been frequenting this place for years and years, since she worked for the government before I was born. She ate a bunch of steak sauce when she was pregnant with me and my brother, so now I have/am doing it to Charlie and his sister, who will then do it to her kids. It is the circle of life.

Matt and I go here three times a year approximately: spring break, summer break, Christmas break with maybe one other special occasion that sees us both not working on a week day. This was Charlie's 3rd visit, the 2nd where he was eating food.

None of us look at a menu. We always have the same thing. 

We all start with salad. I think that you can tell who doesn't know their way around JV because they order the soup. I always assume anyone who orders soup is a noob.

Matt has the chicken and shrimp, and Mom and I have the beef and shrimp. We also both get 2 scoops of steak sauce. I drink a ton of water because of this, as I can feel the salt pickling me if I don't. But it is so good. This visit, I could not eat as much as usual, possibly because my stomach is like a third lung right now, but I love the ginger sauce on the veggies. Man, I love those veggies.

I was told the last time I reviewed JV that they have a kid's menu, but this is the second time he was clearly eating and wasn't offered one. Oh well. He really doesn't need it and at least was brought water.

Mom, I hope you enjoyed your birthday lunch! Happy birthday to my dad, Jim, and grandpa, Don, who also share the same birthday as my mom but were not able to attend lunch.

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