Friday, July 6, 2012

White Spot

He may look innocent now...but wait.
We have a tradition. It is kind of a lame one, but we do it anyways.

After Charlie gets his shots at the Saanich Health Unit, we eat at White Spot.

He went in for his shot at 4:30. He didn't cry at all with the needle, but through a 15 minute tantrum when the nurse took away the toy she was using to distract him. While we were waiting the required time to go, he screamed and cried and whined and repeatedly asked "More?" while trying to make his way back into a room where a woman just jabbed him with a large needle.

Oh well.

Because he was such a brave little boy, we let Charlie get his first Pirate Pack. I can see the draw for parents because of the option. The "base-model" of a pack is $5.99. However, with all the "extras" you can get up to $12 (I think). Luckily for us, our boy does not yet insist on an ice-cream sundae.

Matt and I split a milkshake and Charlie did insist on having some of this. Actually, a lot. And I really didn't mind, as I find the quality of WS milkshakes lacking. Red Robin's are a million times better. It also seemed really puny today.

We made 1 huge parenting error. We let Charlie have a glass of straight apple juice. It was probably about 400-600ml. This led to Charlie being a freaking nut by about 1/2 way through the meal. Whatever study has "proven" that there is not a link between sugar consumption and hyperactivity needs to see my boy after he had had these sugary drinks.

We smartened up though, and didn't let him finish the juice, and we also cut what was left with as much water as possible.

Matt and I almost always eat the same the thing. As an appy we have the Zoo Sticks and then we share a bacon cheddar bigger burger. They are good about 1/2 everything and even serving on separate plates. Plus, the fries are endless so even Matt can eat his fill.

Charlie, the boy who loves to dip, had the fish and veggies, both that are served with dip. The piece of fish was very nice, an adult sized serving of battered fish.

Charlie turned into a demon by this point. I was kind of annoyed at first that they seemed to be sitting all the families in the same section, but by this point I was glad that everyone around us had children as my child flung cucumber at the wall.

The only thing that settled him was his strawberry ice-cream and chocolate coin. Two big hits. He began using his spoon, but I guess that became too much, and he started using his hands. It was time to go. See the progression documentation down the page.

I like White Spot, but sometimes I feel as though the quality and service are a bit lacking. At best, it is very inconsistent. However, the menu caters to families and I don't feel like an ass for having my misbehaving child here (there were a few children behaving a million times worse than Chuck). Will we be back to White Spot? Yes. But it will be as a family outing solely.

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