Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Pink Bicycle

This afternoon, Mommy went for a massage while Daddy and Charlie went to Miniature World. Then, we walked a few blocks over and had dinner at the Pink Bicycle.

I have only ever had appies here, and those were good. I have heard rants and raves about the burgers, and I guess it is all a matter of personal taste.

We sat inside at the back, but we should have sat outside since Charlie was being a terror. Seriously, worst child behavior ever. He hit the guy across from us with a fry. Twice. I was mortified. We should have left, or given him a time out, but we were cramped for space.

Anyway, food. Our appie was really yummy. We had onion rings. The onion rings here are spicy. I like that. Not everyone will though. Luckily, Charlie did.

Matt had a pork burger. He really liked this. I tried it, and more than did NOT. Not my thing, and I would have never ordered it for me.

After waffling on whether to have the special (a camel burger--is that real camel?), I just had a cheese burger. (The bun, indeed, was intact; the picture is after I gave Charlie some.) I have mixed feeling about it. The pickle was awesome--duh, preggo. The sauce and cheese and bun and veggies were good--especially the sauce--highlight! The burger patty was meh. It tasted home-made. And that is probably what some people like about this place. But you know what? You know where else I can get a burger that tastes home-made? Home. And it doesn't cost $13. I thought it needed more flavor, something special.

The fries were great though. And the service was, too.

I don't know; I don't really have any complaints that are valid. I just wasn't a huge fan of the dish I ordered. I will be back; I'm sure a place with such a great reputation deserves another chance.

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