Friday, July 6, 2012

Fiamo Italian Kitchen

Another stop on the bachelorette party was dinner at Fiamo.

The party was busily getting dressed up--or down--at the Magnolia Hotel, so a girlfriend and I left to go secure our table at the restaurant.

We had the entire upstairs mezzanine and our own waiter named Russ. No one in our party had ever dined here, and it was a beautiful restaurant.

When the rest of the party showed up, many of them wearing only lingerie (but the classy kind, like corsets and stockings), we brought bread with oil and vinegar. I asked for more twice. What? They were all drinking and I am pregnant. Bring the bread!

The drink menu seemed very interesting, with fun Italian themed titled drinks.

Matt has a big Italian family back east, and what I know of GOOD Italian food comes from the few times I have eaten his grandma's cooking, may she rest in peace, or the creations his dad makes. From this and our travels in Italy, I know the general idea of the courses etc. However, even though I am into eating multiple courses, a party of girls who have the intention of getting drunk don't want to eat antipasti, salad, pasta, pizza, secondi, dessert or any combination of those. For this reason, I think this would be a great place to try on the Dine Around Town come spring.

Many of our party had the pizza. My friend to my west had one that looked so good it almost made me jealous. Ummm, as I am remembering this, I am so glad to be having pizza tonight!

I ordered a pasta dish with spinach linguine. It had clams (lots, 11), sausage, basil, and parmesan with some sort of light sauce. Everything was a great combination, and I used the delicious bread, that I seemed to be the only one eating, to wipe up every drop of that wonderful sauce. I do have one complaint though: my pasta was really undercooked. It was so hard still that I could not easily wrap it around my fork. Minor complaint, but I think it is worth noting since pasta seemed to be a specialty.

Other dishes that looked and sounded fantastic included the antipasti plate (I love cured meats), calamari, gnocchi and ravioli (which is what the bride ordered).

I was impressed with the ability this restaurant has to cater to special diets. One of our party is allergic to wheat, dairy, red meat, etc. She called ahead and the kitchen prepared a very delicious looking meal for her (a giant salad with grilled vegetables etc).

Anyway, I will take Matt here on a date night. It has a beautiful and romantic ambiance. But, as it is quite pricey, it will need to be a special occasion or maybe, as I said before, as part of our Dine Around tour.

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