Friday, July 6, 2012

Mom's Taco-Hut

Okay, since I am way behind, I figure I should write this post first, since it was what was for dinner.

Cost: inexpensive, like $6, because the meat was included a few nights ago

Prep: 15 minutes

Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen on a hot and beautiful day? Not me. Especially as our kitchen has two skylights and is always sunny and sweltering.

That was what this weeks meals were about: limiting the need to cook. Let me remind you of the progression:

1. Chili dogs (with veggie chili)
2. Chili (meat added)
3. Tacos (with meat not added to chili)

This worked great. I even cooked the beef late on night 1 when the house was cool, so there was not too much to do except heat and serve, as well as cut up other parts of the meals, on the other nights.

So, we did tacos tonight. Simple. I like to heat the beef and cheese inside the tacos in the oven. I use cooling racks to keep it upright.

I eat my tacos with cherry tomatoes, sour cream, lettuce, and salsa. Charlie, as you can see above, eats his deconstructed.

He tried to eat one whole. Ever wonder what it looks like when you give a baby a loaded taco? See below.

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