Saturday, May 12, 2012

I've been a naughty blogger

I've been a naughty blogger this week. I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures, but I realize there has been no text for a week.

It was a long week. I've been working lots of hours, and long hours; Charlie cut two new teeth (8 on the top, but still only 4 on the bottom); we ran out of food on Wednesday; I get morning sickness in the 2nd trimester (yes, preggo, let's keep that off facebook); my mom was out sick; etc.

I did make one positive, healthy change this week. I got on the salad plan at school. For $5 a day, Chef makes you a salad in the morning and all you must do is pick it up at lunch. Twice this week, I said that it was the best salad I had ever had. One day was a steak salad, one a grilled shrimp with homemade buttermilk ranch; one a chicken skewers with honey mustard dressing. Yum! I think this is a positive change, even though the gourmet stuff is always more tempting. It will help me avoid the fried food. So, I try to eat my lunch, including my Greek yoghurt and orange, in the approx. 30 minutes. I usually only have time for one side; salad is a very labour intensive food.

Regardless of all this, please scroll down. I will add the text now, as the boy, who fell asleep twice in the car while running errands today, is now snug in his crib.

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

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