Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rob's Lighthouse Eatery

Today our family went on a little adventure. Matt wanted to go "see" a provincial rugby game where his team was playing, but it was across the Hat in Brentwood Bay. No problem. We timed it properly so there was very little whining, and then there was sleeping while Daddy went to warm up the team and Mommy read a magazine in the car.

After the game, it was time for lunch, although Charlie was satiated after having a large snack. We drove into Cowichan Bay, a very popular destination judging by the mass number of cars.

After browsing the eateries, we settled on what I call "boardwalk food"--fried everything (although they did have salads, wraps, etc) at Rob's Lighthouse Eatery. It was about 1PM, so we assumed we had just missed the lunch rush, but judging by the packed house when we were leaving, we just beat it.

We ordered the chowder, onion rings, and the 2 piece cod and chips. The total was $20.60. All the prices were reasonable, honestly.

The onion rings were the delicious frozen then fried kind you can get at ball parks and water-slides.

The chowder (clam and halibut) was not my favourite. It had very little halibut, if any in our bowl, and they hadn't taken the skin off the fish because there were huge chunks of fish skin. It was also WAY too salty.

The fish and chips were well worth it though. The fries were fries done well. The coleslaw was tasty, especially with the addition of dill--at least, the little I got of it seemed tasty before Charlie in a fit of rage flung it to the floor. The tartar sauce, although a small serving, was good too, and it was enough.

The fish was very crispy on the outside, and the batter wasn't AT ALL doughy on the inside. There was enough batter, not a ton.

Anyway, it was a good experience at lunch regarding the food, our tiny terror was another story. We followed lunch by taking him through the piers and to look at the Wooden Boat Associations display where Charlie hammered a nail for the first time.

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