Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Reef

Who wouldn't want this cool dude to eat at their restaurant?

Well, it seems, the Reef. Okay, okay. Not totally, but let me explain. One of the biggest turn-offs in restaurant service is when our child is not acknowledged. The waitress sat us, sans highchair, and then went to find one. We can't sit down without putting him down, so we stood and waited. She didn't bring him a drink or even offer one. Also, the waitress sat us in the booth in the front, nice spot, but I have a giant pregnant belly, and we had to skew the table to sit there.

Okay, so the food. Awesome.

It was lunch on a Sunday (Saturday?), so we started with the sweet Johnny Cakes filled with some sort of raspberry and served with mango butter. I could have eaten many, many more of these.

We shared 2 meals. Number 1 was goat roti. I wasn't really a fan of the coleslaw, but Matt liked it. The bread was fantastic, and the goat tasted great. It was a good curry.

You can see from the picture close-up that it is like a stew with large chunks. As a warning though, it was quite spicy--fine for the three of us, but it would not be fine for someone like my grandma.

The highlight was dish number 2: the quesadilla with plantain chips. We all loved the chips. I didn't want to share, but I did. And the dip. Oh. So good.

The jerk chicken quesadilla itself was amazing too. I will definitely order this again.

This brings me to my final conclusion. Will we be back? Yes. The food was fantastic. I don't blame the waitress for not knowing how to treat children either. Seriously, I used to look at balloons in the supermarket as decorations, and now that I have a baby I look at them and see torture because someone can't get one in his little hands. I do hope, however, that she reads this review and knows her error. Then, next time, I can have no more complaints.

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