Monday, June 18, 2012

Date Night: Sabri

Matt went on a pub-crawl tonight (and came home in the state you would expect after such event), so I went on a date with my friend Amanda.

Because we were pressed for time, and Charlie was with us and starving, we went to the Sabri. I love the Sabri. I think it is consistent and delicious. I like that it is family run and that I always see the same faces there. I don't mind the creepy location or the kitschy decor either. Yes, the serves aren't wonderful; but they love my adorable baby so are constantly visiting our table!

Anyway, I always eat the same things and I really am not sure what most of them are called. I eat a couple pakoras, a couple of the potato dumpling (those are my fav), butter chicken, tandori chicken, and the chick-pea curry (although that one was really spicy this time). Charlie ate the same in small portions, but mostly he just ate naan bread and then had his own rice pudding.

I took one plate of food. Amanda took 2 VERY small plates of food. Our table had 1 rice pudding.

Usually when we dine here, there are a few men in tow. Although we enjoyed ourselves, the food and the company, we came to the conclusion that without a few big eaters in our party, it probably isn't worth the almost $15 with tax (they have yet to charge for Chuck, which is a good practice as he eats so little).

Charlie had a great time, as the pictures demonstrate. He especially loved dipping naan in rice pudding and rubbing it in his hair.

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