Monday, June 11, 2012

Swiss Chalet

I've already written this post once, and then it was accidentally deleted. I am not really into reliving everything I said, so this will be the condensed version.

Family was visiting. Charlie was showing off by sliding, sliding with a lawn-mower, and biking. We were going to order in; people were difficult. The first suggestion to be made that no one had a problem with was Swiss Chalet.

Swiss Chalet is always busy, but with so many great restaurants in Victoria, I was embarrassed to go here with out-of-towners. It is generic glorified cafeteria food.

But you know why people like it? It is relatively inexpensive and probably always the same. This is also probably why 90% of the patrons were Q-tips and the rest were families.

I added the soup and dessert to my meal for $4. The soup was okay, and it had some really huge chunks of chicken. Matt added the salad and dessert for $5; they forgot to bring his salad until he was partially done his main.

For Matt main, he had some sort of special with chicken and prawns over rice. Look how huge the serving of sauce is. It dwarves the plate. I don't like it, and I am sure there is no one in the world that likes it that much. Anyway, Matt liked his meal, but Auntie was not so generous with her verdict.

I had the classic hot turkey sandwich. I like the terrible-for-you (like everything here probably is) super soft white bread they use. The gravy has a nice flavour; the chicken is moist. The real problem came with the side dishes. The baked potato was clearly microwaved or reheated way too many times. It was so dry the insides were like sand. Yuck! I left it. It was inedible. The veggies were barely cooked, still as crunchy as raw. But the worst part was, they were not probably drained. EVERYTHING on my plate was soaking is a big puddle, so that nice soft bread was mush. Totally gross.

Dessert was good though. Although the coconut cream pie is nothing like QV's or my mom's, it is the yummy cafeteria/generic version.

Anyways, Swiss Chalet: inexpensive, generic, but good for families. No one is going to give you a dirty look for having your Tiny Diner here (unless you were that mom who was letting her toddler run crazy, then I was giving you dirty looks as well as judging you--just kidding!).

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