Monday, June 11, 2012


This weekend we had family visiting from out of town, so we ate out more than usual.

Matt's uncle, for his birthday, asked to go to a place with "atmosphere", "ambiance", and a "view". Hmmm.

Combine that with a place that would also allow Charlie (who was currently sleeping naked in the car) to dine, and we had very few ideas.

Our first thought was the Flying Otter, but they wouldn't take a reservation on a Saturday night, and there were 7 of us so we didn't want to go somewhere without.

We narrowed down our list to Canoe Club and Spinnakers, and because some Negative Nellie made a comment on all the homeless around CC, we went to Spinnakers.

We called and made a reservation for 5:00, and they were very clear with us that they already had a resevation at 7PM and would need the table back by then. Fine, no problem; well, actually, problem: the restaurant was mostly empty so it didn't seem to matter (especially to the point were they told us three times). If I were the hostess, I would have been able to gage that we were not the types to sit and eat for 2 hours, especially with a toddler who was being a BUTT.

Now, the food. In my opinion, the menu was a little limited, but everything sounded very good.

I ordered a chicken sandwich on faccacia. It was tasty, but the chicken was horribly dry and the bread crumbled all over the place.

Matt had the pulled pork sandwich with the roasted beet salad. He loved the salad, but said he wouldn't order the sandwich again.

The best meal, and value, was Charlie. He got chicken wings and fries, mainly to keep him entertained. Spinnakers has a great kids' menu, with most options at only $5. For 6 chicken wings, dip (man, does this baby love to dip!) and a full order of fries, there was lots of entertainment to be had.

Anyway, he was a filthy mess at the end and had another naked car ride home.

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