Monday, June 18, 2012

Fernwood Inn

We have a whole bunch of Groupons that are going to expire, so in the next couple weeks we need to eat out a lot!

On the way to our "gender assessment" ultrasound today, we stopped at the Fernwood Inn to use our coupon. We had no idea they served brunch, but they do! They also are accommodating for people with children, even though I don't think it is their forte. They were great about turning on an extra TV to the soccer match so Charlie could watch.

And Charlie was being a bugger. Just got to throw that in there. He was kind of a butt all day, and this was no exception. We kept him fairly entertained, and I cleaned up the mesh he made, but I hope we weren't "those people" with their naughty infant disrupting everyone.

He looks innocent, but don't be fooled.

Generally, I like the food here. We tried the benny. Again it left me asking, why do people like the Blue Fox? This benny was a million times better. It was served on a flakey biscuit with thick smoked ham and a thin slice of cheese (smoked Gouda we guessed). It could have used a bit more Hollandaise, but the eggs were perfect. I really really like the fruit salad, but the hashbrowns....well, I liked that there were parsnips in the mix, but over all, the hashbrowns were served totally cold. Oh well.

We also shared the Down South Chicken Strips. I think it is usually served with 2 dips, but that wasn't really the problem. There was something wrong with the sweet potato fries today. They were really soggy, and that is not usual.

Oh well, we left satisfied, but it wasn't up to the usual standard. Generally, I would say they have good service and good food, but this visit one was a little off.

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  1. You were the people with the little s$%$ making a mess & noise ... that is why they have macdonalds ... some how when the mommy brain kicks in you become oblvious to this

  2. I liked your review. Yes, I got fries and they were cold as well, and so was the gravy on the poutine, but usually it's better service.

    To: "John Smith: You obviously don't have kids. You obviously don't understand the need to feed your kids healthy food. McDonalds is anything BUT healthy and no one should ever eat there, period. Every single family that has kids should go to McDonalds is what I heard from you, and if that's the case, YOU should be the one to eat at McDonalds if you can't handle people with children because buddy, YOU WERE A KID ONCE TOO. So STFU. Jerk.