Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Euphorium Bakery & Cafe

Over the next couple weeks, you will notice us eating out A LOT. This is because of 2 factors.  The first is that it is quite hot, and since our beautiful kitchen has 2 non-opening skylights, it is stinking hot. It is soooo hot, I can barely stand to even go in there for a late night snack.

The second reason is that in not too long, we will be housebound again with a new baby, as well as our misbehaving toddler, and we need to use up the surplus of Groupons, Couvons, Swarmjams, etc that we have accumulated.

So, this morning we went and picked raspberries. We filled our buckets, then our bellies, then pet some goats.

On our way back, we decided to use our Groupon to the Euphorium Bakery. Matt's work often visits here, and he has heard good things.

I cannot remember how much we paid for the coupon, but I think the "value" was about $25 (ie, that is how much this lunch would cost).

It included 2 sodas, 2 panini, and 2 soft ice cream cones.

I loved the sodas. I think there is something about the glass bottles, which hold the same amount as a can, that is just so classy. It reminds me of being in France on a patio sipping a soda and watching the crowd (although I am not sure that either time I was in France I actually drank from a glass bottle).

The panini were great. The bread they used was deliciously salted. We had 1 that was ham and edam, and the other was the curried chicken. As I ate each, I was sure that it was my favorite, but after, I couldn't decided. The curried chicken was so interesting and flavorful, but the ham/cheese was so classic and gooey.

The ice cream was fine as well, exactly as suspected. Charlie had some weird, huge tantrum over it. He wanted to hold it, or not hold it, or hold it only upside down, or just eat the cone, or just eat the ice cream, or have the ice cream but in a bowl, or have no one touch him, or be cuddle, or or or...it was very unclear.

I do have one criticism. It was the smokers outside. In the background of the picture, you can see three people. The woman on the left and man on the right BOTH decided to light up while we were EATING with our CHILD. One: that is rude. Two: that is unhealthy. Three: that is illegal. Four: that is just stinking gross. We didn't want to deal with it, as we were outnumbered, but the staff really should have said something, as they are the ones with signs up and are then the ones complicit with someone breaking a law (no smoking on patios, as well as a certain distance from doors) in the vicinity of their business. One of the employees should have told the people they couldn't smoke there.

We packed up and moved inside, but I was very disappointed. Was I disappointed enough not to come back? Despite the food being good, I'm not sure. It really did sour the experience for me.

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